DNS freedom

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DNS freedom

Postby Ole Juul » Wed Jan 20, 2016 8:42 am

With all the controversy around ICANN these days, I think OpenNIC is important because it helps create a balance. More choice can also be valuable in case of DNS attacks such as we have seen with more frequency lately. Not just by commercial interests, but by governments. In fact I think that alternative DNS is starting to come into its own now.

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Re: DNS freedom

Postby chip » Wed Jan 20, 2016 5:01 pm

One question I still have is whether alternative DNS projects like OpenNIC are susceptible to what I call TLD bloat. The mass influx of gTLDs and ccTLDs in the ICANN space has me divided. While I think it's important that countries have a space for webmasters to express their association with a country and I believe that this happens for the most part (i.e. ccTLDs aren't completely overrun with domain hacks) I think gTLDs are just a cashgrab. I think this should be mitigated fairly well in OpenNIC's case by the vote-to-approve and you-must-provide-the-resources-to-run-it requirements but I'm still not sure.

I do like using alternative DNS providers that are more transparent than commercial and "free" resolvers when accessing ICANN TLDs. While I trust a couple of my ISPs and my employer to not abuse or censor my DNS traffic/activity, I like to avoid resolvers ran by advertising agencies and other commercial providers that might use what I resolve to build a profile of my browsing habits.
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