Mirroring OpenNIC Mailing List(s)

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Mirroring OpenNIC Mailing List(s)

Postby chip » Wed Jan 27, 2016 8:46 pm

Let's discuss mirroring the OpenNIC mailing lists. The way I see it now we have two options: We could do single or bidirectional mirroring. Single direction: any messages sent to the mailing list are posted on a forum at this site that way discussion can take place here but replies are not sent back to the mailing list. Bidirectional: same as single but any replies made to mailing list threads here are sent to the mailing list.

Strengths of Mirroring:
    Keeps forum community informed of mailing list happenings
    Provides different communication method with more "features"

Weaknesses of Mirroring:
    May cause fragmentation of information

Strengths of Single Direction:
    Simpler to implement, less moving parts

Weaknesses of Single Direction:
    Makes fragmentation more likely since information will not flow to users who only subscribe to mailing list
    Archiving efforts may only grab the mailing list

Strengths of bidirectional:
    Keeps two information sources more tightly connected

Weaknesses of bidirectional:
    May be another avenue for spam to reach the mailing list
    Another thing to maintain, more moving parts

I feel that implementing either way will be worth it if a clean solution is reached but single direction is definitely worth implementing. If not solely for the fact that more copies of mailing list data is better from a retention standpoint.
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