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DNS Looking Glass

Postby chip » Thu May 19, 2016 5:56 am

After seeing https://dns.google.com, discussion on #opennic sparked the idea of adapting digbot to handle web based queries.

I had an idea of the following workflow and features:
    1) User opens page.
    2) Ajax request queries GEOIP API to get closest/best T2s based on the client's network.
    3) User is presented with ability to enter: DN/IP Address, Query Type, Server(s) to query.
    4) User submits query
    - If user did not enter server(s), the GEOIP results are used.
    - If NXDOMAIN or SERVFAIL, attempt querying other T2s to see if it is an isolated issue.
    - Query non-OpenNIC DNS resolvers if the user requests to give a comparison.
    5) Display results to user
    6) If a failure, list some troubleshooting steps/info.

Looking Glasses would be whitelisted so it would also avoid any issues caused by clients not being properly whitelisted.
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