About the Encryption WG & How to Join

The purpose of the Encryption Working Group is to devise an official Root Certification Authority system for issuing server certificates to OpenNIC domains and user certificates to OpenNIC members.

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About the Encryption WG & How to Join

Postby JonahAragon » Mon Jan 09, 2017 4:34 pm

Our current primary goal is to develop a system with a central Root CA and a single or multiple RAs (Registering/Intermediate Authorities) to grant certificates to all OpenNIC domain holders, free of charge. We also may distribute user signing certificates to all members regardless of domain holding as a future possibility.

Our main drafting discussion will take place here as we discuss the details on how to best create such a system. Finalized drafts (as determined by this group) will be added to the wiki and posted to the Mailing List for final discussion between all OpenNIC community members and voted upon.

All discussions on this board are open to discussion with any group member, but if you plan on actively participating in the creation process please request to join this group so we can have you listed as an official member. Participating in discussion will of course require a talk.geek account.

If or when our main goal is achieved, we will likely continue working on improving the system and securing (encrypting) other aspects of community services.

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