cyberman: modern web frontend for OpenNIC

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cyberman: modern web frontend for OpenNIC

Postby albino » Tue Aug 15, 2017 7:44 pm

Hi all,

I thought it would be worth making a post here about cyberman - it's a new web frontend I've been working on for the .cyb TLD. It supports registration of domains, and basic record management.

Cyberman is written in modern Perl 5 using the Dancer web framework, and development is ongoing. Right now, it's mainly suited to .cyb because of the stylesheet; white-on-black with a monospace font isn't for everybody, I understand! I'd like to work on a generic stylesheet to make it more accessible to other TLD operators should they wish to use it.

You can see it in action over at http://opennic.cyb ( with TLS).

Source code is here and the issue tracker here.

Feel free to ask me anything about cyberman, if you're interested in using it yourself!

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