Inventing TLDs

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Inventing TLDs

Postby Ole Juul » Wed Jan 03, 2018 4:47 am

Thinking up new TLDs seems to be a fun thing for many people. I enjoy it too. Others take it further and make great plans for theirs and then come and ask the OpenNIC community to add their TLD. I notice though that when one is approved and added, they don't come back and tell us how well they're doing, how many people in their new community (or group, or whatever). What would be really nice is if they would come back and tell us about their top 10 active web sites.

My question would be then, did anything really get developed? The standard answer is to check http://grep.geek, but having domains is not an indication of anything at all except the number of domains. Actual activity seems to not even be the elephant in the room, it is something that we simply aren't supposed to question. It is common for a newcomer to drop into the IRC channel and ask for a list of sites so they can access this wonderful alternative internet that they are imagining. I don't think any of them ever get a satisfactory answer. Why is that?

Perhaps this doesn't matter. After all people are having fun and learning about DNS. On the other hand if it does matter, then the idea that people set up their own TLDs on their own and when they actually have it developed with users and web sites, or whatever, then come to the OpenNIC community and ask to be included. There seems to be some sense in that idea.

Anyway, I just posted this because these are things that I think about. Perhaps others do too.

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