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About talk.geek

Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2016 4:16 am
by chip
Talk.geek is a forum dedicated to discussing The OpenNIC Project but is not officially sanctioned or supported by The OpenNIC Project.

OpenNIC is
OpenNIC is a user controlled Network Information Center offering a democratic, non-national, alternative to the traditional Top-Level Domain registries. In case you were looking for them, traditonal TLDs are currently served by Network Solutions with policies set by ICANN.

Use of OpenNIC DNS servers, will allow host name resolution in the Legacy U.S. Government DNS, OpenNIC operated namespaces, and those namespaces with which the OpenNIC has peering agreements.

Where do I find more information?

I have a suggestion where do I take it?
Post your suggestion to the Meta discussion forum, shoot an Administrator or a Global Moderator a message or raise it on #opennic.